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A Man Gave A Woman Selling Flowers On The Subway $140 To Give Them All Away For Free

Prepare to have your faith restored in humanity.

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A video has recently surfaced of woman selling roses on the train in NYC, and what happens next will hit you right in the feels.

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The man offers to buy 140 roses for $140 as long as she promises to give them away to the other passengers.

At first he casually asks how much her roses cost.

Then he offers to pay her $140 for the entire bunch.

But there's a catch; she has to promise to pass out all of the roses to everyone else on the train.

At first she can't believe it, and starts to get teary-eyed when she realizes he's serious.

The man exits the train, and she finally searches for the words...

Come and get your FREE roses everyone.

The video, titled "Miracle on 6 train today" was first uploaded in 2013, but has been making the rounds on Reddit when it resurfaced earlier this week.

On Monday the video had less than 1,000 views, and today it has over 4.5 million.

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