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5 Bursts Of Nostalgia You Had While Watching The "Jurassic World" Teaser

22 years later, The Park Is Open... Roawwwr

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The "Jurassic World" Teaser Trailer has finally arrived

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At a brisk 21 seconds, it's shorter than most TV ads. The genius here isn't showing off new dinosaurs, but reminding us just how awesome the first Jurassic Park is...

1. For starters, we're heading back to Isla Nublar:

2. And while the overall experience hasn't changed, it looks like the visitor vehicles have gotten some serious upgrades:

3. It also looks like Star-Lord is filling in for Dr. Grant:

Which means LESS of this...

...And MORE of this

4. We then get a brief glimpse of the Control Room:

Which astonishly has more than 3 employees

And state-of-the-art technology

5. Before finally seeing the infamous Paleo Logo!

Read here to learn how graphic artist Chip Kidd came up with the iconic design:

While some folks might be unhappy with the teaser, they'll have to wait until Thanksgiving for the full trailer. Until then, we're counting down the days before we see T-Rex back on the big screen in 2015.

PS: If you loved the slow piano melody, be sure to check out this celestial version, slowed down 1000%.

Via Soundcloud

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