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19 Reasons East L.A. Isn't What You Think It Is

Don't believe the hype.

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10. They assume El Mercado offers nothing they would ever want to buy.

11. And envision the Barrio Boogie to be a total bore.

12. They think the cuisine is limited to tacos and burritos...

Un Solo Sol's Vegan Tofu Saltado.


13. ... Or rice and beans.

A Veggie Fatteh dish at Un Solo Sol.

14. And believe the churches are falling apart.

St. Mary's Church in Boyle Heights.

15. They don't expect a smidgen of creativity.

Espacio 1839 in Boyle Heights.

16. Or a powerful sense of community.

The Boyle Heights bridge runners.


17. Some people will go their whole lives avoiding this place.

Statue of Lucha Reyes in Mariachi Plaza.

18. And maybe they're right...

Wall art at Primera Taza.

19. ... Because obviously nothing cool EVER happens in East L.A.

DJ Potira spinning at East Side Luv.