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18 Clever Ways To Give Out A Fake Number

When "no thanks, I'm good" just won't cut it.

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We recently asked BuzzFeed Community members to share their best methods for giving out a fake number. Here are the results:

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1. Submitted by kenj13

I used to give out the number of Chicago's gay movie theater, so they'd get the current and coming attractions recording.

2. Submitted by darcylynn

I give them the number of a local pizza shop. Sure, they may be disappointed they can't reach me. But, instead, they can order a delicious pizza! That's a win-win for both of us.

3. Submitted by piedpiper4ever

If they hand you their phone text REDCROSS to 90999 and they'll donate 10$ to the American Red Cross Foundation.

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4. Submitted by julz98

If the guy is being a real tool, use the number (669) 221-6251. It's a feminist hotline created for the purpose. Whether they text or call, it responds with quotes about feminism.

5. Submitted by Adrienne L.

I have a Google number that I know by heart. I give it out. It forwards to my real phone in case they pull the whole, "I'm gonna text you right now"… then I just delete them or mute them later.

6. Submitted by kellyc45a699e00

Give them Groot! (866) 740-4531. He'll always respond with "I Am Groot."

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7. Submitted by shesamarshmallow

The Burner App is a great solution, especially if they try and call you right away because your phone will always ring.

8. Submitted by Miranda Rubin (Facebook)

I had a friend who would give her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend's name as her fake name, and then her ex-boyfriend's number as her fake number. Let that sink in...

9. Submitted by aaronv433716ef8

When I'm drunk, I give out the mobile number that I use to sign people up to a mailing list at work. When they text me the next day, they get an automatic reply saying their request was not recognized!

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10. Submitted by sophiaranin

I keep the numbers of people that have caused me the shittiest time in my life to give to pestering people (bar guys, freaks anywhere that won't leave me alone) and I give out the names matching the number. BWAHAHA.

11. Submitted by madellen

I just give them my sister's number and let her deal with it. Oops!

12. Submitted by BGWaldrop

I tell them its "867-5309" and if they get the reference, they are worthy of my real number.

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13. Submitted by oakiefan

I just give them my old number and say my phone died. If they ask for my name I just say they'll find out when they text me tomorrow with an innocent smile!

14. Submitted by lindseyh481f7296c

I became friends with the guy whose phone number is one off from mine and I text him when I give some guy that number. Then he'll pretend he's my boyfriend and ask what this other guy wants with his girlfriend.

15. Submitted by rachelk411e1b7d0

If he was a total loser I'd give them my father's number so he could tell them off.

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16. Submitted by abrac

I have given out my real number and then the next day or after a few days I text the creeper and tell him that I'm a dude and the chick must have given him a fake number.

17. Submitted by sarahd4155d23e7

I usually say my real number and then just change the last number to one less than what the real number is so it's easy to remember.

18. Submitted by ashleej450c6c0d0

I give my ex-husband's number out.

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