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What's Your Best Method For Giving Out A Fake Number?


Let's be real, if you've ever been in a crowded bar or closed space, it can be hard to make an easy getaway.

So when you see someone staring you down from across the room, you know it's time to pull the old fashioned "fake number" trick.

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Except sometimes, it's not as easy as just blowing someone off with a few random digits.

They might ask to call your phone while you're still with them, and if your cell doesn't ring immediately, things can get awkward really fast.


In order to avoid any unwanted drama, you've probably established a foolproof plan for you and your friends.

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Nope, sorry.

Now that you've mastered the art of letting someone down easy...

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...tell us your best method for giving out a fake number in the comments below!

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