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  • The Smart Swarm

    In Smart Swarm, Miller delves into the world of ants, fish, bees and birds to reveal how their intricate group behaviour can teach humans to organise, systematise, and problem-solve more effectively. Using animals as the starting point for each chapter, he throws up questions about some of our most integral systems: How can a group of Wall Street executives fail to make efficient business decisions when a swarm of honeybees can make a critical decision about their hive in just a few seconds? Why do large crowds of people turn into a chaotic mob when hundreds of reindeer are able act to together as a single herd? Why should commuters endure gridlocked traffic jams when a school of herring can coordinate its movements so precisely that it can change direction in the flash of a second?

  • Iron Man 2 - Cordco’s Sonic Fire Extinguisher

    A new (viral) video has been unleashed for Iron Man 2, featuring an “exclusive presentation” by CordCo (the second of the Stark companies to unveil their pavillion at Stark Expo 2010) ~ which was “recorded earlier this year in Melbourne, Australia, to demonstrate a civilian application to what has to date been exclusively military technology.”

  • “Takeaway” - Banned Paddy Power TV Ad

    “They wouldn’t let us put this one on TV.” This is bookmaker Paddy Power’s latest TV advert which has been banned from being shown on TV by regulators who fear it likely to cause widespread offence. The advert shows four wheelchair bound actors ‘doing a runner’ on their bill from a curry house.

  • Stop-motion Talks Us Through The Virtual Revolution

    Welcome to The Virtual Revolution. Twenty years on from the invention of the World Wide Web, this major documentary series from the BBC takes stock of its profound impact how, for better and for worse, this revolution is reshaping all our lives. This video was cut by Barry Pilling using footage from the series, downloaded from The Virtual Revolution website under a permissive licence.

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