The Racist, Misogynist Homophobes Of ‘Big Brother’ Lead The Daily Links

Plus obscenely expensive sushi for cats, a consideration of Melissa McCarthy’s career arc, and 8 non-boring moments in Canadian history.

What does the extra Big Brother live feed show? Oh nothing, just that the house is full of racist, misogynist homophobes. - [Warming Glow]

Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

Melissa McCarthy is super hot right now. And if she plays her cards right, her career arc could look just like Will Ferrell’s. - [Vulture]

This chef is preparing the world’s most luxurious cat food. It is more expensive sushi than you will ever eat in your life. - [The Awl]

You think the U.S. is having a 90s nostalgia craze? We ain’t got nothing on Japan. - [The Atlantic]

Just FYI: If you want to send your kids to the priciest private schools in Manhattan, it could cost you over a million bucks. - [The Fiscal Times]


Do Italians really speak with their hands, or is that just a stereotype? According to new research, the number of different gestures they use in conversation is actually pretty staggering. - [Daily Mail]

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