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    11 Seduction Tips From Vanilla Ice Lead The Daily Links

    Plus the iPhone that exploded a breast implant, the baby-naming trend inspired by Game of Thrones, and celeb couples who manage to be even cuter off-screen than on.


    Once upon a time, Vanilla Ice mastered the art of seduction. Here are 11 of his best tips. - [FilmDrunk]


    Breast implants and iPhone games: Not necessarily the best of friends. - [Daily Mail]

    World War Z is science fiction, sure. But an enterprising biophysicist fact-checked it for scientific accuracy anyway. - [Vulture]

    Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

    Surely Yahoo's shareholders would treat CEO Marissa Mayer with the respect befitting her position? Not at this meeting they didn't. - [The Atlantic Wire]


    You think you drink a lot of soda? Try drinking nothing but soda for 16 years. - [The Cut]

    Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP

    The very adorable Dev Patel and Freida Pinto are an onscreen couple who have made it work offscreen too. Check out lots more IRL celeb couple cuteness. - [Refinery29]


    How many parents named their kids after Khaleesi from Game of Thrones last year? Oh, a few. - [Warming Glow] / Via

    Asteroid mining: If we could pull it off, it could add trillions of dollars to the world economy. - [The Week]

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