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    The Glamorous Gals Of "Game Of Thrones" Lead The Evening Links

    Plus professionally-animated Calvin and Hobbes, bizarre commercials starring musicians, and stunning photos of molten lava.


    Is that you, Brienne of Tarth? Boy, the women of Game of Thrones sure do clean up nice.


    Wouldn't it be cool if there were a professionally animated cartoon version of Calvin and Hobbes? Yes. Yes it would. / Via

    The little blue guy there? Why, that's just some maniac descending into Rio de Janeiro in a wingsuit.


    Great news from Google, all you aspiring artists of the internet! Finally you'll be able to find your very own laser-eyed vampire pizza cat. / Via

    This is Tori Amos in a 1997 Kellogg's Corn Flakes ad. It's just one of many hilariously bizarre commercials starring musicians. / Via

    This constellation is called Musca Borealis, the Northern Fly. Much like these others, it just never really caught on. / Via

    Don't feel like getting up close and personal with molten lava? No problem, photographer Sean King took these gorgeous photos for you.

    So Tiger Woods and Lindsay Vonn. Makes sense, really.

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