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    Posted on Jun 13, 2013

    The 35 Best Movie Cameos Of All Time Lead The Daily Links

    Plus the guy who got arrested for cursing on his speeding ticket, critical readings of the Olsen twins' most iconic films, and the Arrested Development fighting game you'll wish you could play.


    Remember when Will Ferrell showed up in Wedding Crashers? It HAD to be one of the 35 best movie cameos of all time. - [NextMovie]


    Some would say that the Olsen twins' films are silly. But their most iconic work unquestionably rewards careful critical readings - [Refinery29]

    Man gets speeding ticket. Man curses on speeding ticket. Man gets arrested and files civil rights lawsuit. - [Gothamist] / Via

    Is there anything better than dads sending texts? No. No there is not. - [HuffPost Comedy] / Via

    Bluthfighter: The Arrested Development fighting game that really really needs to exist. - [Uproxx]

    Your Facebook feed can be pretty hard to take as it is. But once hashtags really kick in, it's gonna get #out #of #hand. - [The Hairpin]

    The world's largest film market, India, is notably light on sci-fi and fantasy. So why does the West love superheroes and spaceships so much? [The Atlantic]


    This week M. Night Shamyalan revealed that he actually wrote She's All That. Makes sense, because that movie is packed with mind-blowing plot twists. - [Death and Taxes]

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