The App That Reminds You To Have Sex Leads The Daily Links

Plus 32 celebrity audition tapes for famous roles, a list of things that fail to measure up to the greatness of Breaking Bad, and The Rock’s true role model.

Having trouble figuring out when to make a move on your significant other? Don’t worry: There’s an app for that. - [Betabeat]

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Can anything measure up to the infinite splendor of Breaking Bad? Just consider this list of things that can’t. - [HuffPost Comedy]

And speaking of Breaking Bad: If the show’s characters were dogs, these are the kinds of dogs they’d be. - [Dogster]


What if there were a dressing-room mirror made you look happier? According to the researchers who developed one, you’d be more likely to buy things. - [Slate]

Most of us remember the famous Saved by the Bell Zach-Kelly-Slater love triangle fondly. But for one writer, it’s an example of how the 90s ruined dating. - [Nerve]

Check out this list of 32 celeb audition tapes for famous roles. First up: Steve Carell’s awesome Anchorman audition tape. - [Ranker]

Who is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s role model? Come on now: There’s only only candidate man enough. - [BroBible]

Kids dancing to the Mario fruit snack rap: This is pretty much the 90s in a nutshell. - [Gamma Squad]

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