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    The Sheep Who Thinks He's A Dog Leads The Daily Links

    Plus new frontiers in booger research, breathtaking photos of sunrise over a sea of clouds, and... side-butt.


    This is Lamo the rescued sheep. Lamo the rescued sheep thinks he's a dog. - [Dogster]

    Sunrise over a sea of clouds at nearly 10,000 feet: These photos from the Phillipines will take your breath away. - [RocketNews24]

    Photos by Edgar Zarate Kawig / Jerome Ross Lacbayan / RL Photography courtesy of RocketNews24

    Are there health benefits to eating your own boogers? A professor at the University of Saskatchewan intends to find out. - [Betabeat]

    Photo by Ilya Andriyanov courtesy of Shutterstock


    Dressing monkeys up in costumes is so hot right now. SO hot. - [Daily Mail]

    Today in red carpet trends: Side-butt is the new sideboob. - [The Cut] / Via

    This fully functional miniature gold skeleton will fetch $150-250,000 at auction next week. The story behind it is absolutely amazing. - [The Awl]

    Proms are the greatest. But you won't believe how expensive they're getting. - [The Fiscal Times]


    Michael Bay is well known for the super-loud super-explosive style of his movies. But he used to direct music videos. And they were pretty much exactly the same. - [Uproxx]

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