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    Helen Mirren Making A Dream Come True Leads The Daily Links

    Plus 10 brutally honest coffee mugs, Honey Boo Boo as U.S. cultural ambassador, and the origin stories of 6 great Arrested Development jokes.

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    Helen Mirren used her skills as an actress to help fulfill a terminally ill little boy's last wish. This story is as moving as it gets. - [Filmdrunk]

    Arrested Development is jam-packed with random jokes. The show's creator, Mitch Hurwitz, explains the origin stories behind six of them. - [Vulture]

    Do you know someone who's way too into their "clever" coffee mug? Check out these 10 brutally honest takes on the genre. - [CollegeHumor]


    This is a dramatic photograph of a volcanic eruption in Alaska. It was taken from outer space. - [The Atlantic Tech]


    Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, valuable cultural ambassador for the U.S.? It isn't as crazy as it sounds, argues one writer. - [The Atlantic]

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