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    24 Tiny Turtles Who Need A Reality Check Lead The Daily Links

    Plus a mashup of Anchorman and "Thrift Shop," the 10 types of Facebook statuses that make you undateable, and gratuitous Lil Bub. / Via

    These 24 tiny turtles don't take life nearly seriously enough. Time for a reality check, li'l guys. - [HuffPost Comedy]


    Ain't no selfie like a Bill Clinton selfie. Man, that guy always seems to be having the time of his life. - [Funny or Die] / Via

    This is footage of someone hanging from a construction crane by one hand. It is absolutely terrifying. - [The Atlantic Cities]

    Listening to music sure is a great way to unwind, isn't it? According to one new study, it's actually just as good as having sex. - [YourTango]

    Photo by Odua Images courtesy of Shutterstock

    You know, at some point, it's enough with Lil Bub. Hahahahahaha no. - [Refinery29]


    Dating tips from Kelly Kapowski herself? *swoon* - [Warming Glow]!

    Today in "random but awesome": This mashup of Anchorman and "Thrift Shop." - [NextMovie]

    Attention people of Facebook: If you ever want to get a date, these 10 types of statuses are a really bad idea. - [Nerve]

    Photo by Yuri Arcurs courtesy of Shutterstock

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