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16 Ways You Know It’s That Special Day Of The Year: Eid Ul-Fitr

Happy Eid ul-Fitr to our Islamic friends! Today marks the end of Ramadan and a day when Muslims around the world share a common goal of unity... along with some fun, note-worthy rituals. ;)

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1. You wake up to rusty crusties - mehndi (heena) all up in yo bed sheets.

Whoops...wrong mehndi!

2. You also wake up to hearing the blaring sound of Eid celebrations coming from your parents favorite motherland channels

Geo? Al Jazeera? ATV? Indovision?

Geo? Al Jazeera? ATV? Indovision?

3. It’s a battle with your siblings to be the first one to get your shower on.

4. Your mom calls you over to eat sheer kurma (or a sweet treat from your motherland) but there’s that momentary hesitation because you still think you’re fasting.

Go for it! Shatan ain’t got nothin’ on you.

5. The struggle for sawaab is real; you’re going to be the first one to read naray throughout your car ride

...and don’t even think about turning on that radio.

6. When you arrive at the Mosque, there’s no parking, so you’re forced to double park – because you refuse to park across the street.

Moments later, you hear on the speaker that there are multiple cars double parked and they're creating a fire hazard.

7. Oiy, if you're late, you have to politely nudge your way into the line for namaaz (prayers).

8. If you’re not able to read namaaz, best not get too comfy in that seat at the back!

9. You’re blinded by the light! After prayers end you can see that everyone’s decked out in their finest garments

...but they may have gone a bit too far with the bling, bling.

10. Gotchya! Gotta be the first with the: one, two, three standard Salaam hug Eid greeting.

11. It doesn't exactly feel like Eid unless you see those pretty greens.

Dolla, dolla bills y’all!

12. There’s always the awkward moment when you are given a gift by an unexpected gifter.

My gift to you... are...uh... my blessings?

13. As you go to grab your gifts from the car, don’t forget the chance of catching a glimpse of the the opposite gender.

Besharaam! Don't stare for too long.

14. You think you’ve seen a ghost, the one-timers make a special appearance.

Not hating, we're just like these people.

15. Expecting one thing from your Eidee and getting another when you get home and open it up.

16. The Almighty, family, friends, sacrifice, gifts, random Mosque peeps, food and blessings – truly these are the things that remind us of the essence of the holy month.

Now get yo FEAST on (no, that’s messed up…nah, no its not)

Now get yo FEAST on (no, that’s messed up…nah, no its not)

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