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16 Ways You Know It’s That Special Day Of The Year: Eid Ul-Fitr

Happy Eid ul-Fitr to our Islamic friends! Today marks the end of Ramadan and a day when Muslims around the world share a common goal of unity... along with some fun, note-worthy rituals. ;)

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4. Your mom calls you over to eat sheer kurma (or a sweet treat from your motherland) but there’s that momentary hesitation because you still think you’re fasting.

6. When you arrive at the Mosque, there’s no parking, so you’re forced to double park – because you refuse to park across the street.

Moments later, you hear on the speaker that there are multiple cars double parked and they're creating a fire hazard.

16. The Almighty, family, friends, sacrifice, gifts, random Mosque peeps, food and blessings – truly these are the things that remind us of the essence of the holy month.

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