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    • RREality

      In the internet age there are no standards. People born after the invention of the net don’t know this. That is why weak-skilled people can ‘blow up’. There are many more examples than are needed. You just needavideo bored young people can latch on to for no real reason. This girl’s work is schlock and now schlock is considered noteable. Her content is like what middle schoolers at day camp would come up with to impress themselves.Alot like Tyler the Creator. But this is all perfectly valid as junkculture, instantly disposeable, and mostly significant for showing how utterly desperate people can be to get attention. On the internet that is what becomes of all art forms, they end up being just foils for self-promotion. The Iggys and Kreaysare other strong examples, self-self parodies who parody the art forms they fail to master. Weird Al Yankovich is the real, unacknowledged master of this vein of creativity, these young people are just oblivious that he opened the door for them. And anyone who sees this comment as hate is self-deluded also, since ‘hating’ implies there is some envy.

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