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Outlander Life Lessons From Season One

Last Saturday's episode of Outlander, To Ransom A Man's Soul, marked the end of season one of Outlander. It's been one heck of a ride. Let's pause a moment and reflect on some Outlander Life Lessons.

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Even the unpleasant things can be fun if you have friends with you. sure to wash your hands (possibly with bleach) when you're done. If the hand-washing aspect applies to all your experiences with your friends, you may want to re-evaluate your friendships.


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Shooting blanks IS hazardous for your health.

What? I thought that was funny. Sorry, my inner 13-year-old speaks out from time to time. Side note: Jamie's face is total melt-worthy material.


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Lying is bad. You will always be found out.

Basically, if you don't want to end up at, just avoid lying (and poisoning and stealing get the idea...).


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You should always look before you put things in your mouth.

*Snort*...that's what she said. Sorry, inner 13-year-old again. Can't seem to help herself when JAMMF is involved.


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With enough determination, hope, and love, the broken can be put back together.

I think the last couple of episodes left all of us in pieces at one point or another. May we all find a Jamie or Claire in our lives that we have that someone to fight for us and help put us back together.

What an awesome first season. We only have to wait a year until the next one.

Wait...a year?!

See #1 for appropriate treatment.

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