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11 Things People Who Have Worked In A Hostel Know To Be True

It's 10am, why aren't you drunk?

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1. There is never just one “happy hour”

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And if there is only one it lasts for at least four hours

2. If the punters aren’t drunk by 10am you are doing something wrong

3. You saw your co-workers naked before you knew their name

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4. Drinking on the job is actively encouraged

5. There are certain nationalities that will be rude to you, so you get the new kid to serve them

6. There is one drink that must be drunk when someone arrives or leaves, or just on the hour

7. Theme nights are to be taken very seriously

8. Ditto any national holiday (of any country)

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9. Beer pong is a legitimate sport and should be added to the Olympics

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10. Hangovers become a collective nap-fest

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11. You have your actual family and your [name of hostel] family

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