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    17 Signs You're A Rower

    A small cox is a good thing.

    1. Your reaction when someone says "Rowing is a lot harder than it looks!"

    2. When a stranger touches your boat, and you're like:

    3. You feel like this because you get to wear spandex all the time:

    4. When you look in the mirror you see this:

    5. You have this feeling when getting a new personal best on the erg machine.

    6. Your reaction when you tell someone that you row and they say, "Oh, you use your arms like this?" and gesture with their arms.

    7. This is what you envision happening when someone invites you to play any other sport.

    8. When asked if you want to go out any night of the week you're like:

    9. You not only know how to use that weird machine in the corner of the gym, but enjoy showing off on it.

    10. Your response when people ask how you can wake up so early every day.

    11. You aren't surprised to get this reaction from a coxswain the night before your first race:

    12. To you, catching a crab is just as bad as "The Deadliest Catch" made it seem.

    13. You don't feel guilty eating 4000 calories a day because you're getting such a good workout.

    14. You think a uni tan is something to brag about.

    15. To you it's always time to row.

    16. If you go too long without rowing, you'll do anything to get your fix.

    17. No matter how many times you try explain it, you know that non-rowers just don't get it.