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Thanksgiving Stories Are The Best Stories, So We Want To Hear About The Cringey (Or Heartwarming) Moments You've Experienced

I'll go first: my uncle once used vanilla coffee creamer to make twice-baked potatoes, and I haven't tasted a twice-baked potato since.

When my *favorite* holiday rolls around every year, I outwardly project how unbelievably excited I am to gather 'round the Thanksgiving table with family, share stories, and reconnect while devouring a beautiful, homemade meal with the people I love most. But...

Family gathered around a Thanksgiving table while mother holds a beautifully-roasted turkey.
Lightfieldstudios / Getty Images/iStockphoto reality, I'm actually chomping at the bit to witness the imminent family drama, catastrophic cooking mishaps, cringeworthy political debates...and also those shockingly heartwarming moments that make you feel all warm 'n' fuzzy inside.

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Thanksgiving stories are the best stories, so we want to hear from you about those unforgettable moments: from the cringeworthy family fights that feel straight out of a soap opera, to those actually very wholesome moments that feel totally once-in-a-lifetime. Personally, I have MORE than enough of these stories under my belt, which is why I specifically want to hear from you.

For instance: one time, my aunt tripped over a family member's totally blind dog on her way to fill up her dinner plate, and broke her literal leg.

X-ray showing broken leg
Douglasolivares / Getty Images/iStockphoto

(The dog was OK, and her leg was eventually fine. It's all good.)

Yes, another time my uncle whipped up some twice-baked potatoes using vanilla coffee creamer instead of heavy cream, and TBH, my entire family quietly locking eyes as we tried to choke down the sickeningly sweet, cheesy potatoes was a moment I'll never forget.

Twice-baked potatoes served on a white platter.
Maren Caruso / Getty Images

And, during a recent Thanksgiving, my partner came out to his *95-year-old*, born-and-raised West Virginian grandfather...who responded with "I've loved you ever since you were a little baby, and this doesn't change that one bit."

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Whatever your Thanksgiving tales are, joyous or absolutely out of control, we wanna hear 'em. Scroll down to the comments section 👇 and have at it — we may feature your stories in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post. (And if you have a photo to share, upload that too!)