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Taylor Swift's Former "Cornelia Street" NYC Home Is On The Market, And The Inside Is Not At All What I Expected

"When she said 'I rent a place on Cornelia Street' I gotta say I wasn't picturing an indoor pool."

If you, like many Swifties out there, couldn't snag a ticket to Taylor's upcoming Eras Tour, I've got a totally unrelated and entirely out-of-touch consolation prize for you: just rent her former Cornelia Street home for $45,000 a month instead.

commenter saying for the price of the resale tickets i could rent this

In case you're unfamiliar with the folklore of this place (no pun intended), I've got you. In 2016, Taylor Swift briefly rented a carriage house on the sickeningly cute Cornelia Street in Manhattan while renovations were being done on her $18M Tribeca townhouse. The same Cornelia Street home became the basis of her 2019 song "Cornelia Street" from her album Lover.

Taylor performing onstage with lyrics from the song overlayed

But y'all, let's just say that her lyric "I rent a place on Cornelia Street" seriously downplays the inherent wow factor of this home.

commenter saying when she said i rent a place on cornelia street i gotta say i wasn't picturing an indoor pool

In a viral TikTok from the Corcoran Group, the company listing the home for rent, an agent takes viewers on a walkthrough of the home, which is available starting January 2023. They start with the exterior, which honestly doesn't appear to house the reported 5,500 square feet inside, but let me assure you: it does.

screenshot of exterior of the home

Though the exterior may look quaint, it actually boasts five floors (including a rooftop terrace) and just about every feature you could ever want in a dream home.

Blueprint of the home

Most notably, there's a 25-by-15-foot indoor pool.

In one of the living spaces, there's a chandelier that probably costs just as much as a resale ticket to the Eras Tour. And what I actually mean by that is more money than I'd ever want to drop on any single item in my entire life.

arrow pointing to expensive looking chandelier in living room

The agent in the video mentions that Taylor reportedly "liked everything" about the home when she first toured it, and after seeing the listing photos, I get it.

terrace with fireplace off the main bedroom

I mean, if I could wake up, walk a few steps, and enjoy a coffee in front of the fireplace on my private terrace, I feel like I, too, could write a Grammy-nominated album.

bedroom and the adjoining terrace

That place where she "sat on the roof" with...whoever the song is actually about? It's real. It's also nearly 700 square feet, which is much bigger than my entire NYC apartment.

floor plan of the rooftop terrace and the view

The rooftop view is also giving peak Manhattan charm, if I do say so myself.

tiktoker saying they didn't picture her on a fancy roof in the song

The skylight that illuminates the five-level staircase would cure my seasonal depression in a heartbeat.

skylight in ceiling

There are plenty of details not mentioned in the walkthrough that are equally astounding. There are five full bathrooms. These are just two of them.

And it's worth noting that the grand, arched entrance to 23 Cornelia Street is a "drive-right-in" garage, as noted in the listing description, which I would sell my soul to have access to.

garage inside the huge wood doors

It probably goes without saying, but Swifties are totally obsessed.

different comments from tiktok users

When Taylor rented the place from former Soho House exec David Aldea, it was reportedly going for about $39,500 per month. About one year later, it was sold for $11.5M. (The property taxes alone were apparently over $50,000 annually.) Since that purchase, it appears to have been updated and modernized quite a bit by the current owner. IMO, the removal of the over-the-pool chandelier was a good move.

before and after of pool

As was the decision to turn this bedroom straight out of Casper into a bright and airy office space.

before and after of the bedroom and office space

Whether you just want to snoop on a bonafide celebrity abode or you actually have an extra $45K to blow every month, you can see more for yourself at the listing. If it's the latter, I'd move fast — a Corcoran representative told BuzzFeed that the listing agent has already received "a lot of serious interest."