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    23 Photos Of People's Real-Life Organization Hacks That Are Actually Genius

    I've been storing spray bottles wrong my whole life...

    This morning, I reached a new home organization low when the sole closet in my apartment became so stuffed with clothes that it could no longer latch closed. Not even close! So as the unofficial president of the r/OrganizationPorn fan club, I took to the popular subreddit to round up the most impressive (and attainable!) organization hacks to hopefully give myself some motivation to get my life together — and yours, too, if you're reading this. These are the organization hacks and successes from real-life people that really itched my brain in the most satisfying way:

    1. My mountainous heap of "worn but not gross" clothes on my bedroom floor just sneaked a glance at the "not gross but worn" section in this person's closet. (It's jealous.)

    Two sections for clothes in a closet: one for clean clothes and one for worn clothes that are still clean

    2. I was today years old when I realized that leftover toilet paper rolls are actually the perfect way to store and organize pens, markers, and any other miscellaneous art supplies.

    Markers, pens, and art supplies organized inside 20 or more toilet paper rolls on a shelf

    3. That extra oven rack you use once a year, if that? It's the free cookware lid organizer you never knew you needed.

    Pot and pan lids stacked diagonally in a cabinet on a wire oven rack

    4. And for the pots and pans themselves, especially in awkwardly sized cabinets, hooks and wire organizers will allow you to fully maximize your storage space.

    Command hooks and wire organizers holding pots and pans inside a cabinet

    5. While you're revamping your kitchen, grab four Command hooks to finally give your mixer attachments a place to hang their hats at the end of a long day of baking.

    Various mixer attachments hanging via Command hooks on a cabinet door

    6. And if your cabinet storage needs a bigger facelift, a rolling kitchen cart to store all your must-have items is a genius solution for any home baker.

    A mixer on top of a wood kitchen cart with various kitchen and baking supplies underneath

    7. This person turned an over-the-door shoe organizer into the perfect linen and toilet paper holder, and they deserve the world for it.

    shoe organizer turned into a linen organizer with sheets, towels, and more

    8. This bathroom closet overhaul gave me full-body chills. (And now I have rattan storage bins in my Amazon cart.)

    Cluttered bathroom closet before turned into a clean closet after, with lots of storage bins for organization

    9. For household cleaner spray bottles, apparently they make adhesive spray bottle hooks so you can store them on cabinet doors.

    Spray cleaning bottles hanging on special hooks attached to a cabinet door

    10. If you're lucky enough to own a chest freezer, this is your reminder that they can comfortably hold 40-plus full family meals in plastic storage bags.

    Chest freezer full of frozen meals for the slow cooker

    11. With a hanging jewelry organizer–turned–charger storage system, I'd never have to run around my apartment screaming, "HOW DID I LOSE MY IPHONE CHARGER?" again.

    Various electronics, cords, and chargers stored in an over-the-door organizer

    12. When you take the time to fold your socks the right way, you'll unlock the ability to color-coordinate your socks and outfits.

    Color-coordinated socks in a bin

    13. My whole world stopped when I first laid eyes on this mini pegboard, which is the perfect size for those measuring cups and spoons that disappear whenever you need them.

    Mini pegboard on a kitchen wall holding four measuring cups and four measuring spoons

    14. And let this post serve as a reminder that pegboards can be used to hang...basically anything!

    Pegboards above a desk holding music supplies and other objects

    15. I really mean anything.

    Large pegboards used to store and organize art supplies, including many paints

    16. If your apartment, like mine, is pantry-less, a few wooden shelves and some labeled jars will do the trick.

    Wood shelves on kitchen wall storing dry goods, spices, and canisters of food

    17. And maaaybe this is more suited for Advanced Organization (instead of Organization 101), but these 3D-printed holders for pens, memory cards, and more are...legendary.

    Custom 3D-printed object holders in drawer for pens, cameras, and other tools

    18. Toys scattered all over the living room floor — solved.

    Roll-out bin under the couch to hold kids' toys

    19. And when your toy-throwing children inevitably get an ouchie, a humble craft organizer bin can do double duty as the world's best bandage bin.

    A bin full of every type of bandage, organized in clear plastic

    20. Sometimes, just having a home (that isn't just the store packaging) for your most-used ingredients in the kitchen can be a game changer.

    Glass bottles in the kitchen labeled for canola oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and balsamic vinegar

    21. A drawer organizer turned on its side can make an excellent (and very aesthetically pleasing) countertop holder for all your tea or coffee essentials.

    A tea holder that's vertical and holds mugs, tea, and tea accessories

    22. And if you're sick and tired of taking out every spice and dried herb in your cabinet when you just need a pinch of garlic powder, dedicated shelves are an easy fix.

    A tall vertical organizer with shelves for all dried spices and herbs

    23. Finally: If new shelves are out of the question, transfer your spice collection into flat-sided jars and plop 'em into their own drawer for the easiest-ever access.

    Spice jars lying flat in a large, slide-out drawer

    What's your favorite home organization hack or technique for turning a big old mess into something genuinely satisfying? Tell me about it in the comments below.