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    Women Reveal How Young They Were When They First Experienced Street Harassment

    A reminder that catcalling is never a compliment.

    Some people believe that honking a car horn at a stranger, or yelling at them on the street about their appearance, is a surefire way of winning a woman over.

    Women around the world have experienced catcalling and other forms of harassment to some degree.

    But a new study has shown that it's likely they first experienced some form of harassment not as adults, but at a much younger age.

    The global study by Cornell University and the campaign group Hollaback! has shown that catcalling first happens to most women when they are aged between 11 and 17 and still at school.

    Feminist Apparel / Pussy Division

    The study is the largest of its kind, with over 16,600 respondents from 42 cities across the globe.

    Women in countries such as Argentina, India, Nepal, and the U.S. said that they had been groped, fondled, or taken different routes from home because of street harassment.

    Some people deem catcalling as a harmless way to compliment a woman’s appearance. But 71% of respondents said they had actually been followed.

    Feminist Apparel / Pussy Division

    The full international street harassment report can be read here.

    In the meantime, women have the following message for people who catcall:

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