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    Woman Arrested After Claiming Her Husband, Jesus Christ, Would Pay Her Restaurant Bill

    She told staff that he'd be along any minute to pay the bill.

    A woman in Oklahoma refused to pay her bill at a Mexican restaurant after claiming her husband, the son of God, would be picking up the tab.

    According to a local report by KSWO, Kristi Rhines dined in the El Chico restaurant in Lawton for several hours before being presented with the bill.

    That is when Rhines claimed her husband would be paying for the bill, which came to a total of $56.55.

    When staff asked the diner about her husband she said that – despite not having a marriage certificate – she was legally married to Jesus Christ.

    She claimed he would "walk in and produce U.S. currency to pay for her bill".

    The Lawton Police Department charged Rhines with fraud and booked her into the Lawton City Jail.