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    WhatsApp Has A New Blue Tick To Show When Someone Has Read Your Message

    If you want to stalk people on WhatsApp, this is your dream. But if you want to ignore people on WhatsApp, this is your nightmare.

    Many of us thought that the double grey tick on WhatsApp indicated that a message had been read. But we were all wrong! An update will see a new, blue double tick will appear when the person has received and read a message.

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    The WhatsApp FAQ confirms this new update:

    In a group chat on WhatsApp, the double blue check-marks will appear when all participants in the group have received your message.

    To ease the pain of dealing with somebody who is (most likely) ignoring you, WhatsApp offers some excuses for why the blue ticks haven't appeared on your app yet:

    The useful new change will now make you even more obsessed about stalking people and getting annoyed when they haven't responded to a message even though YOU KNOW THEY'VE READ IT.

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