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Touching Photos Of Normandy Veterans, Then And Now

Photographer Matt Cardy captured these striking photos of surviving Normandy veterans as they describe their most vivid memory of D-Day.

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David Tibbs

Matt Cardy, Getty Images

"It was looking out of the Dakota and seeing a white line that was the surf breaking on the Normandy coast. At that moment we were given the order to jump".

Fred Glover

Matt Cardy, Getty Images

"It was the way we responded when the glider crashed and were immediately confronted by a German patrol. What struck me was that we weren't affected by the crash but immediately sprung into action just like we had been trained to do".

Eddie Wallace

Matt Cardy, Getty Images

"One of the things I do recall when landing is all the dead bodies that were floating around us. One or two of the lads were sick when they saw that".

Frank Rosier

Matt Cardy, Getty Images

"As a London boy who had survived the Blitz but had never seen a dead body the carnage on the beach brought me to a complete standstill. It was so horrific that it has stuck with me to this day".

Eddie Linton

Matt Cardy, Getty Images

"Coming on deck for watch early that morning and seeing all those ships. I'd never seen so many ships in all my life. That's when I knew something was going to happen".

Vera Hay

Matt Cardy, Getty Images

"The need of the casualties both our own troops and the German prisoners of war. They all were patients to us. They needed rehydration, rest, morphine to keep the comfortable and we were using the new penicillin".

Alastair Mackie

Matt Cardy, Getty Images

"Taking off at 1 a.m. and dropping parachutists in Normandy. The Royal Navy were to our right and I was terrified they wound mistakenly shoot us down".

Pat Churchill

"Seeing later at low tide all those sunken craft. There must have been hundreds of them and thinking you poor devils. That is something I will always remember from D-Day".

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