18 Problems That Everyone With A Lot Of Siblings Will Relate To

    What is a "quiet family dinner"?

    1. Growing up with a lot of siblings under one roof meant you never had time to yourself. Ever.


    2. In your family's house, if you didn't eat fast, you didn't eat.

    There was no way there would ever be any leftover food, either.

    3. Waiting to use the bathroom was a loooooong waiting game.

    *bangs door* HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO BE?!

    4. When the groceries were bought, you and your siblings always made sure to hide the best food.

    It's pretty sad when you have to start hiding the chocolate milk mix in your room. #BigFamilyProbz

    I need to start hiding the food I pick out at the store because it always gets eaten before I have a chance to get to it #bigfamilyprobs

    Well, you *had* to hide it, or else it would disappear within five minutes.

    5. You could buy 10 gallons of milk in one go, but you knew that by the next day it would all be gone.

    Your family basically kept your local shop in business with the amount of milk you bought there.

    6. Washing dishes for your whole family wasn't a case of washing three or four plates: It involved cleaning at least 27 dishes, 16 mugs, 15 bowls, and countless other items.

    Even with a dishwasher, you'd have needed to load it at least three times a day.

    7. Most of your clothes were hand-me-downs.

    But you *rocked* wearing floral dresses that were two sizes too small.

    8. You could never all fit in one car together, so most of the time you squeezed into one like it was a clown car.

    When you drive an economy van to fit your entire family in a vehicle. #bigfamilyprobz

    Sitting on one another's laps was the worst.

    9. At school, teachers addressed you as the younger sibling of so-and-so and never by your actual name.

    "Oh, you're David/Sarah/John/Luke/Rachel's little sister!"

    10. You were asked, and expected to know, everything about your siblings at all times – their ages, occupations, love lives, everything.

    Look, I don't know how old all of my siblings are – that's why Facebook exists.

    11. Any time you went out as a family together, you were always the loudest people in the vicinity.

    There was no distinction between "indoor voice" and "outdoor voice".

    12. When your family were due to meet your siblings boyfriends/girlfriends/friends, your collective motto became: "Everyone pretend you're normal."

    It's hard to pretend your siblings are normal when they share "hilarious" family in-jokes with your new boyfriend.

    13. When you tell someone how many siblings you have, they always ask: "You have HOW many siblings?! Are you Catholic?!"


    14. You always end up broke if you try to buy Christmas and birthday presents for all your siblings.

    This year you're picking names out a hat.

    15. Your friends are always a little bit proud of themselves if they can name all of your siblings in order from oldest to youngest.

    To be fair, you're quite impressed too.

    16. You repeatedly try, and fail, to get a decent family photo with everyone in where they're smiling and not blinking.

    OK, let's try that for the 456,828,954th time.

    17. And if you do get a decent family photo, you'll never be able to fit it into an Instagram frame.

    Some poor sibling will always be cut off.

    18. But despite all the annoyances, you'd never want to swap your huge family for a smaller one.

    Big, big group hug.