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    9 Photos Of Successful Career Women, According To The Media

    Climb the stairs of success.

    1. Successful women wear high-heeled boots to board meetings.

    The Independent

    2. Or sometimes powerful pink heels.

    The Telegraph

    3. Heels to tower above her peers while standing on powerful pavements.

    The Daily Mail

    4. This woman walked instead of taking the lift today. Look at her now.

    She's walking next to a ​man.

    5. There they go, still striding to the boardroom.

    6. You can tell that this woman is EXTRA powerful, because everyone uses her picture to talk about powerful ladies.


    7. Look at her stand!

    8. There's another powerful woman, climbing the stairs of success.

    9. This woman fucked it up because she didn't wear heels today.

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