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People Are Wearing Anti-Feminist "Meninist" T-Shirts And The Internet Has Responded Amusingly

"This T-shirt will protect me from your vagina."

If you're not familiar with "meninists", they're a group of people online who are taking a stand against feminists.

It began with a hashtag “started by men sharing jokes”, but people also described the hashtag as a way to express the "difficulties of being a man in the 21st century”.

Well, it turns out many supporters of the "meninist" cause are now buying and wearing T-shirts declaring their belief in men's rights.

Tee Spring appears to have sold 476 T-shirts in this design for $22.99 each.

Many supporters of the "meninist" cause are proudly modelling their new purchases on Twitter.

Look what came in the mail #Meninism #meninist

@MeninistTweet, the most popular "meninist" source, has been encouraging supporters to buy the T-shirts.

Shirts on sale now Shop now: http://t.co/Krddq23v5m

Those wearing the "meninist" T-shirts appear unfazed by criticism.

It's not just men: Women – who appear to be unironically supporting the men's rights cause – are sharing photos of themselves in the T-shirts.

Supporting equal rights @MeninistTweet #meninist

But the T-shirts have caused a stir, leading to an amusing backlash from Twitter users.

Many critics decided to design their own version of the hashtag T-shirt with a new slogan.

I've designed a #meninist T-Shirt of my own.

The starterpack meme was applied to the "meninist" cause.

Others have commented that the T-shirts make it easier for feminists to identify "meninists".

Handy! Arseholes make it easier to identify them. RT @NotAllBhas: *gets rejected by girl once*

So while "meninist" clothing sales continue, we can expect that criticism about the men's rights movement won't be dying down any time soon.

I love the word #meninist. It cleverly combines the painful brain inflammation of "meningitis" with the doomed zeal of "Leninist".