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    Old People Are Flocking To A Spanish Island To Party Hard, Strip Naked, And Binge Drink

    A new documentary follows OAPs going wild in Tenerife.

    Tens of thousands of pensioners from the UK are flocking to the island of Tenerife to party hard, drink, and go late-night clubbing.

    A new television show, OAPs Behaving Badly, filmed old people drinking vodka shots, stripping naked and doing karaoke, with many even using their pension money.

    One grandmother, Cheryl Williams, said that her motto after a booze-fuelled night is: "If you can't remember it, it didn't happen."

    Tracie, shown below, admitted that she struggles to keep up with her parents. "When mum and dad fly out to Tenerife they're completely different," she said. "They go back to their childhoods – they're like teenagers."

    She added: "They know how to party hard and long and drink lots. They party harder than I do. To party with these OAPs I'm going to have to holiday to get over it."

    One club manager even admitted that he's now dealing with rebellious pensioners instead of teenagers.

    "We've gone from catering for 17, 16 and even 15-year-old kids to your 65- and 70-year-olds," Marc Craig said, "and they get quite raunchy when they've had a few drinks."

    There is even a nightclub in Tenerife described as "God's waiting room" because there are so many elderly partygoers.

    Merseyside pensioners Gordon and Marie Steele, 74 and 70, holiday in Tenerife every year. They say that their motto is "party non-stop until you drop".

    OAPS Behaving Badly is on Channel 5 on Thursday 10 July at 9pm.