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Hundreds Of Climbers Performed Gravity-Defying Stunts In This Impressive Photo Shoot

The climbers also lit up the snowy mountaintops with glowing red lights.

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Famous moutaineering photographer Robert Bösch snapped hundreds of risk-taking mountain climbers in a photo shoot in the Alps to celebrate 150 years since the first ascent of the Hörnligrat Ridge of The Matterhorn, Switzerland.

Robert Bosch/ Mammut/ Caters News

The photo shoot was created for the Swiss outdoor clothing company, Mammut, which had the climbers wear its latest range of clothing and sports equipment as they performed the gravity-defying stunts.

For some of the shots in the high-altitude mountains, climbers were asked to hang in the air for over two hours. For other shots, the red-suited climbers lit up the snowy mountain at night.

The summit itself is 14,692 feet high and was first climbed by British climber Edward Whymper. Have a look at the climbers scaling the mountain in these stunning photos below:



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