Here's How One Feminist Responded To The Women Who Say They Don't Need Feminism

    Warning: This post contains satire.

    Two weeks ago, BuzzFeed reported on Women Against Feminism, a growing collective of women voicing why they believe they do not benefit from, or need, feminism.

    The women share photos of themselves on Tumblr and Facebook holding pieces of paper explaining their antipathy to feminism, as in the photo above.

    The photos triggered outrage among many feminists, one of whom, Rebecca Brink, created her own satirical response to the controversy.

    Brink posed in photos as a series of different women holding notes scrawled with sarcastic anti-feminist rhetoric.

    The photos show Brink wearing different wigs.

    She states on her website that it is satire, and that she is "critiquing rhetoric, not shitting on women" the way many other Women Against Feminism responses have been accused of doing.

    Brink said that when she first saw the anti-feminist posts, she rolled her eyes at the "old, tired clichés about women's proper roles and about feminism being in one way or another bad".

    But on reflection, she felt hurt that the anti-feminist women said that feminists "wanted to be victims".

    She told BuzzFeed: "It is very hard to publicly call yourself a victim. No one wants to be a victim. No one celebrates being a victim."

    Brink says she'd be happy to take submissions, but she just isn't interested in making attacks on the women as people.

    Instead, she's interested in "taking apart the language that anti-feminists use and deconstructing their arguments".