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    Here Is Usain Bolt Dancing To The Proclaimers Just Before Winning Relay Gold

    He pulls some disco-inspired moves *and* does the Running Man in front of a very excited audience.

    If you ever needed another reason to love Usain Bolt, here he is dancing gleefully to the Proclaimers' famous song "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" on the final night of the Commonwealth Games athletics competition in Glasgow.

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    In the BBC video, the Jamaican sprinter can be seen displaying some impressive moves in Hampden Park, just before he participates in, and wins, the 4x100-metre relay.

    BBC / Via

    Here he is showing off some very cool disco-inspired moves.

    BBC / Via

    Look at him go.

    BBC / Via

    Don't forget the classic Running Man.

    BBC / Via

    Bolt denied calling the Commonwealth Games "a bit shit" earlier this week, and appears to be very cheerful in this video, happily taking selfies with the audience and praising the thousands of spectators for watching the race.

    Phil Noble / Reuters

    Aww. :)

    Phil Noble / Reuters

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