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Thousands Of Strangers Helped This Mom Throw A Birthday Party For Her Son With Asperger's

Well, that escalated quickly...

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Over the next 48 hours, thousands of people from across the world began sending Odin birthday wishes.

Birthday wishes for Odin coming from around the world (via @Sysomos). #odinbirthday


Strangers that were moved by Odin's story tweeted drawings and photos to help celebrate his special day.

Hey @WhistleStopLife hook Odin up with some #poutine! Look, he loves it! #OdinBirthday @Ptbo_Canada

Odin received more than 5,000 text messages, videos, and virtual birthday cards.

@Ptbo_Canada Happy 13th Birthday Odin! Love, #WonderWoman and #Batman #odinbirthday

#odinbirthday Happy Birthday!!!! from your friends in Green :)

Soon enough, #Odin and #OdinBirthday were trending in Canada.

Happy Birthday Odin! More than 11,000 #odinbirthday tweets


Sports team and local TV crews tweeted Odin their birthday wishes.

Happy 13th Birthday to our new friend Odin! Help him celebrate #Peterborough: #OdinBirthday

Happy birthday Champ! #OdinBirthday

.@BringerOfRain20 & @A_Sanch41 have a message for Odin. 🎂 Happy Birthday! 🎂 #odinbirthday

Happy birthday Odin from the gang at CityNews! #odinbirthday


Celebrities also sent messages to Odin.

.@pmharper and I are wishing Odin a wonderful 13th birthday- we hope you had a great party. #odinbirthday

Heard about a sweet boy named Odin & his birthday. Really proud of Peterborough for making it special! Happy birthday, buddy! #odinbirthday

Politicians joined in to share the love, too.

Wishing Odin a very happy 13th birthday today! Hope you have a great day. Bonne fête! #OdinBirthday


And the kind strangers on Facebook kept their promise. Hundreds of people turned up to Odin's birthday party at a local bowling alley.

Odin: "Now the bullies will have a second glance at me." #odinbirthday

Someone even organised a limo to pick him up.

Odin's arrival at his party. #odinbirthday

Odin was showered with hugs and gifts from kind strangers.

Happy Birthday Odin! #OdinBirthday #BurlON

Someone even baked a cake for the party.

A little girl made this cake and dropped it off! @Ptbo_Canada Is the best city in the world!! ❤️ #odinbirthday

People smiled and cheered him on as he made his way through the huge crowd. He told The Star: “Wow, it’s amazing to know how much people care. It makes me feel amazing."

What a night! Awesome turnout for an amazing guy. #odinbirthday