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    A Student Got Her Head Stuck In A Recycling Bin After A Night Out Drinking

    Let this be a warning to us all: Avoid recycling bins when drinking alcohol.

    In the early hours of this morning, a student got her head stuck inside a recycling bottle bank in a Southampton car park after a night out partying with friends.

    According to the Daily Echo, local fire crews were called to the scene at 3am. When they arrived, they found the student surrounded by friends attempting to pull her head out of the recycling bin.

    One of the firefighters, Chris Rashleigh, told the Daily Echo: "A firefighter was supporting her while she was stuck. She was in a very comfortable position. She said it was dark and smelly, she'd obviously been drinking."

    But before they began their plan to cut around the bin to free the woman, she was able to pull herself free. She was not treated for any injuries.

    "She was very relieved to come out," Rashleigh added. "She said, 'I will never do that again.'"

    BuzzFeed News was unable to obtain a photo of the incident, but we imagine it looked similar to this stock photo.