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    Finance Guy Can't Handle Being Rejected On Tinder, Throws Spectacularly Awful Hissy Fit

    She asked him to stop messaging her. He told her that if she knew he "made 32k since June" she wouldn't be so "stupid".

    In case you ever wanted to know what it's like for women to use Tinder, one woman shared these screengrabs of a conversation she had with a man who just couldn't seem to accept the fact that he'd been rejected.

    It begins with her simply stating "stop messaging me", which should have put a quick end to proceedings. But the man she's speaking to demands an apology.

    He is furious to be rejected by a "6", and tells her that she "isn't even hot". He mocks her for working as an account manager, and proudly boasts that he trades "futures contracts" on his couch.

    It gets worse. She attempts to end the conversation yet again, only to be told she's "fucking stupid" and that she'd change her mind if she knew he had "made 32k since June".

    He tells her to "know her place" and proceeds to search for her on Facebook. He finds a photo of her and claims she "is not good enough" to reject him.

    He continues to charm her by saying that all women think they're "the shit" no matter how "mediocre-looking" they are.

    He ends his tirade by asking her "Don't you get that I'm above you?", and saying "Sex and the City has fucked up the minds" of women "in our generation".

    It's safe to presume women everywhere are responding to this man like this:

    H/T to Jezebel for originally sharing this awful Tinder exchange.

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