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An Artist Made A 3D Version Of Futurama's Opening And It's Absolutely Incredible

Just wow.

Alexey Zakharov, an artist from Moscow who specialises in digital art, animation, and architecture, has wowed the internet by rendering the opening of the television show Futurama in 3D.

The videos recreates a highly detailed version of the skyline from the opening credits, including a model of the Planet Express ship flying by.

Zakharov says that he used 3dsmax, Nuke, Photoshop, and After Effects to create the final version. The breathtaking animation features the music "Forrest Gump Suite" by Alan Silvestri.

Futurama may have (sadly) got the permanent axe from television last year, but this video shows that the SF cartoon comedy still has loyal, committed fans.

You can view the rest of Zakharov's incredible work on Behance.

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