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    A Woman Pretended To Be A Ghost On Tinder And Men Still Tried To Chat Her Up

    "My face doesn't appear because I exist on a different light spectrum."

    Tinder can be wonderful place – where else could you quote Morrissey lyrics or pretend to be Jane Austen and men will miss the joke and *still* try and pick you up?

    Actor and comedian Grace Spelman decided to re-download Tinder and try out a tactic of her own: pretend to be a ghost.

    I'm going to redownload Tinder and try to convince every boy that I am a ghost

    On her Tinder profile, she swirled her face in photos and made the ‘About’ description:

    She then set out to talk to men from the afterlife.

    This idea is the best gift I've ever given myself

    Spelman told Mashable: "I tweeted the idea as a joke first. Then, during finals week, I put the plan into action and it became a form of procrastination."

    "I'll give you an un-swirly" this is such a bad joke I wish I really was dead

    Some men were confused by the joke. "A lot of men would start off angry," Slepman told Mashable. "They would begin our conversations already upset at the fact that they were being trolled."

    getting so many messages right now that are so good/bad to be true. I don't even think this guy looked @ my profile

    Spelman added: "I got over 20 'I'm confused...but aroused' messages."

    I promise I'll stop soon

    legit totally haunting this guy

    She ended her time as a ghost with the plea: "Let's stop unfunny men in 2015."

    please RT to raise awareness. Let's put a stop to unfunny men in 2015