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    A Travel Agency In Spain Is Offering "Abortion Holidays"

    As far as viral stunts go, this makes its message loud and clear.

    A Spanish women's lobby group has set up a fake travel agency in Madrid offering all-inclusive "abortion holidays" abroad.

    The organisers of 'Abortion Travel' are trying to show what could happen if the Spanish government introduces a new law that would restrict the rights of women to get an abortion.

    Women currently have the right to an abortion up to 14 weeks into their pregnancy.

    The reforms, introduced by the governing People's party (Partido Popular), would make abortion illegal except in the case of rape or if there is a serious risk to the mother's health.

    If it passes, it would make Spain's abortion laws one of the most restrictive in Europe.

    People in Spain are protesting in the streets as the new law could mean that 30,000 women would have to travel abroad for the operation, according to Spain's Official Abortion Clinics Association.

    Polls suggest the proposed laws are opposed by up to 80% of the country.

    The 'Abortion Travel' slogan is 'the agency that should never exist' and the website has various mottos such as "Be free in London", "Decide in Paris" and "Your choice in Lisbon."

    As well as the fake travel agency, they have set up a petition against the proposed law. It's received 41,000 signatures and counting.

    A spokesperson for the women's lobby group CELEM, María Fernández, said: "Forty years ago in Spain when Franco was ruling, women had to travel to have an abortion."

    She added: "We wanted to make a recreation of the past to show what could happen again in the future. If this law goes ahead this kind of business could become a real one."

    Visitors to the clinic are asked to enter the details of their pregnancy, including the week of their pregnancy (to find out the best location in Europe to go to, depending on how late an abortion can be carried out in other countries.)

    Parliament is due to make its decision at the end of the month, when politicians are expected to vote on the reforms.