A Girl Is Getting Over Her Ex By Photoshopping Photos Of Beyoncé Over His Face

    This could quite possibly be the best way to forget your ex-boyfriend.

    Cassandra Blackwel is getting over her ex-boyfriend in the best possible way: by photoshopping photos of Beyoncé over his face.

    The 19-year-old from Toronto began to "Beyoncify" her boyfriend on Sunday, and has started to upload the photos on her Beyoncify My Boyfriend Tumblr page.

    But before people jump in to say "But the photoshop job is awful!" please note that Blackwel is fully aware of that fact.

    Blackwel told BuzzFeed: "The pictures aren't the best quality, but that's kind of the point. I have no idea how to use Photoshop."

    "I'm not trying to properly cover him, I'm just slapping him with Beyoncé, and people are really responding to that."

    "It's an ode to how much effort I put into the relationship, if you will."

    Since she began the project, Blackwel has been receiving submissions from people who are sending photos of their exes for her to Beyoncify.

    Blackwel said that although breakups are difficult, the project is intended to just be a bit of fun, saying, "If imagining yourself at your happiest with Beyoncé doesn't help, I don't know what will."