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    A Dad Has Drawn On His Son’s Lunch Bag Every Day For Two Years

    The photos are lovely.

    For the last two years, freelance designer and illustrator Bryan Dunn has drawn a different picture on his son's lunch bag.

    He began the first day his son started school.

    Bryan told BuzzFeed: "I started doing It so he could have something fun to bring instead of a bag with his name in it."

    He colours them with coloured pencils.

    They take about 30 minutes each to draw.

    Bryan said that when his son's little sister has drawn something for him on a bag, he brings her bag instead of his. He said: "He's a pretty good big brother."

    Bryan's son keeps his favourite drawings, but usually gives them to friends once he’s eaten his lunch.

    He added: "He's drawn some, he likes to colour them more often, and he's getting pretty good at it lately."

    Bryan told Buzzfeed that there may come a day where his son may wants him to stop.

    He added: "With his sister being four years younger I'm sure she's going to keep me at it for a while too."

    You can follow the rest of his drawings on his Facebook page and on Tumblr, and view more of Bryan's work on his website.

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