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16 Impressive Photos Of Magazine Covers Mashed-Up With Classic Art

Eisen Bernado hopes that one day these covers can be considered classic art.

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Artist Eisen Bernardo is merging modern images with scenes painted by Botticelli, Ingres, Klimt, and Picasso by placing magazine covers onto classic artwork.

Bernado told BuzzFeed News that he began his project Mag+Art as he felt magazine covers were inspired by classical paintings, and that this was his way of comparing and contrasting modern and classical aesthetics. He also said that his work shows how societies notion of art and beauty evolves, asking: "Do we still see a naked woman as an object of art/beauty? Can the celebrities and models on magazine cover be considered as muses of the contemporary masters?"

He wants viewers of his work to understand that this is his way of giving homage to the magazines, and hopes that "maybe in the future, these covers can be considered classic art."