Rosie Fantail
Inadvertent rock journalist
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    • Rosie Fantail

      This is truly awful. I was surprised not to see something about how all Australian children ride kangaroos to school. Ooh, maybe some drop bears and Vegemite?  But then working for Buzzfeed Australia isn’t for Australian audiences, is it? If this is any guide, it would basically entail being the MC of an Aussie minstrel show for US audiences. Why would any Australian who actually cares about “the things people are talking about” want to sell their dignity for that? And just FYI, it is really ugly of Buzzfeed to say of #8 that “all Australians speak your language” – unless of course your language is ‘racism’. Plenty of people in the US may be gross racists, but you’d never suggest the whole country is – so why are you happy to lump all Australians in with a racist T-shirt slogan? It is not a “thing all Australians know” – it is an ugly fringe belief held by a minority of white-power bozos.

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