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    8 Animals That Yell Like People

    Don't panic like these animals! Sit back, relax, and let the anthropomorphism do the rest. For even more videos of yelling animals, check out this article.

    • 1. Yelling Bear

      This clip is from Jean-Jacques Annaud's 1988 film The Bear, which is notable for its anthropomorphism in that its hero is an orphaned bear cub who meets up with an adult male grizzy bear and the two go on a journey… "a journey to survive", as the poster put it.

    • 2. Yelling Goat

      You've seen this one before, with a thousand remixes. But here's the original "Goat Yells Like Man".

    • 3. Screaming Frog

      You've heard of the Crazy Frog, but this is something else. Turns out the scream, or 'release call', is a common frog defence mechanism.

    • 4. Squeaking Baby Seal

      This baby seal sounds and acts like a human toddler when the parents' friends come over and it gets 'over-excited' and has to be put to bed early. It was filmed on a glacier near Nova Scotia in 2007.

    • 5. Shouting Dog

      A short clip, but an astonishingly human-like sound. This sounds like it could be the new Wilhelm Scream.

    • 6. Death Metal Rooster

      Wow, this is what we call 'rocking out with your cock out'.

    • 7. Puppy Shouting For Elmo

      Will someone just get this puppy Elmo? He wants Elmo! Elmo! We especially love the cat lying on the floor, utterly unconcerned and not at all in a hurry to run and fetch Elmo.

    • 8. Screaming Bunny

      This bunny does not enjoy being bathed, probably because you are never supposed to bathe rabbits. But perhaps more chilling is the psychopathic laughter from its owners.