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    • rosiee7

      I’m a circus performer, have traveled with many different circuses and have seen many different circus animals and where they live. I will say that while many trainers love and care for their animals the best that they are able, some trainers ruin things for the ones who treat their animals well. I can understand both sides of the argument, but the problem is that for some trainers, taking away their elephants would absolutely ruin their lives. I don’t enjoy seeing elephants and other exotics, but most are incredibly well cared for and the trainers and owners work hard to keep them happy and healthy. Boycotting circuses makes things worse because this way, the trainers and keepers do not generate the income to care properly for their animals. Would I like to see a world where exotic animals are kept on refuges and sanctuaries? That would be ideal. But for now we do the best we can.

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