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24 Problems Only Naturally Skinny People Will Understand

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1. You are the skinny friend with fat probems.

2. The crazy thing is, you eat WAY too much to be maintaining such low weight. Your mum knows it, your bestfriend knows it, heck... you know it!

3. Jumping on the scale every week and looking at the same number you saw last week, the week before, and the week before... Is this scale broken? Nope. You've weighed exactly the same for the past years.

4. When you meet up with a relative or a friend and they tell you that you haven't changed [your weight]. Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot.

5. Annoying friend asks: ''Why are you so skinny?'' It's called a fast metabolism.

6. Broke because you are hungry every single second, tired because your body burns energy like an oven.

7. You've never shed these tears:

8. It is almost impossible to find bracelets, watches or chains that will not slip off your arm. You can't even imagine this:

9. You strap your wristwatch and belt at the very last hole because of this. It's routine. And if it's too loose, we can just poke in new ones.

10. Your chicken legs make your feet look huge! Accept it.

11. People serve you pea sized servings or ask you ''is this enough?'' or ''can you finish this?'' and you reply 'Yes I can!', but they still go...

12. Always being forced to sit in the middle of the car because you are the smallest to fit in.

13. That one person that has to make comments about your body like it's bothering them.

14. People always try to pick you up to test their strength.

15. When your friends complain that they are fat and turn to you to give you death glares.

16. When people joke about your weight and you have to act like it doesn't hurt so you laugh along.

17. You rarely wear your jeans without belts. In fact, you have a whole inventory of belts.

18. Not realising how skinny you are until you see a picture of yourself.

19. The arm wrestle game? Not my forte.

20. When you say you love food and people give you that ''do you really?'' face.

21. Your new years resolution: gain weight. Every. single. year.

22. Standing there awkwardly while your friends complain about being fat.

23. In your sparetime you wonder how fat you would be if you didn't have a fast metabolism...

24. All in all, you cannot do away with this awesome body. You just have to sit and wait.

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