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The Definitive Ranking Of Your Avengers Valentine <3

In eager anticipation of the newest movie, and since Valentine's day is coming it is. *Spoiler Alert*

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8. Bruce, it's killing me that you're so near the bottom. You're funny and adorable but when it comes down to it, you probably aren't the best cuddler. And even though 50 shades of Grey is popular.....we don't want THAT much of a monster in the bedroom.

6. I know what you're thinking. He's not as glamorous as the others, but he's brave, dedicated, and he's totally the guy you want to raise your kids. I mean - Phil faked his death to teach the team a lesson. *Dad Alert.

4. Captain America is your high school crush all over again. He's brave and strong and just PERFECT. But he's been frozen for 70 years, so he might miss some of your witty jokes...and won't understand froyo. Still he's an old fashioned romance type!

Happy V-day!

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