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    15 Gifts For Your Friend Who's Obsessed With Avatar The Last Airbender

    Earth. Fire. Water. Air.

    1. Katara's Necklace

    2. The Necklace that shows your Loyalty to the Order of the White Lotus

    3. The Lost Appa Poster

    4. This Aang Computer Decal

    5. The Team Avatar Pillows

    6. The Appa Hat

    7. The Appa Eating Cabbages Mug

    8. A Poster of The Runaway

    9. The Firelord Crown Hair Accessory

    10. These Avatar Pins

    11. The Only University T-Shirt You'll ever Need

    12. This Fire Nation Computer Decal

    13. The Appa Keychain

    14. This Momo Plush

    15. This Keep Calm T-Shirt

    16. Here is Momo