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13 Times Marquette Alumni Lived Larger Than A McCormick Double

When "Be The Difference" was not just a statement, but a way of life.

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1. When Rob Mosher Gave Us "Pizza In The Morning, Pizza In The Evening, Pizza at Suppertime"


Yes, a Marquette alum did indeed invent Bagel Bites. While they were once a staple in every household freezer, and often times a favorite childhood after-school snack, they now serve as a poor college student's go to dinner. But we're not complaining, after all its a combination of quite arguably the greatest two foods, pizza and bagels.

2. When Patrick Haggerty Founded Texas Instruments


Remember those graphing calculators we had to buy in high school for Algebra 1? Well, it looks like Patrick Haggerty, a Marquette alum, was one of the founders of the company that supplied our loyal friend throughout high school math.

3. When Molly Currey Took Off-Roading To The Next Level


Meet Molly Currey. She's the Executive Vice President of DKC Chicago and also happens to hold the 1998 World Championship title in the light buggy class. Her off-roading didn't stop there, she soon became the only woman to have ever raced a 1,000 horsepower semi-truck up Pikes Peak Mountain.

4. When Richard Burke Decided To Take Life By The Handle Bars


Next time you ride your bike, take a look at the brand, there's a pretty good chance that it's Trek. You can thank Marquette's very own Richard Burke for fouding the innovative bike company.

5. When Jimmy Butler Signed A $90 + Million Contract With The Chicago Bulls

Meet Jimmy Butler. This Marquette alum got a pretty sweet shoutout from the president himself. Once a member of the Marquette men's basketball team, Butler is now a long term member of the NBA team the Chicago Bulls. #MUBB #wineveryday

6. When Danny Pudi Transferred To Greendale In The NBC Hit Show Community

Mitchell Haaseth / © NBC Universal, Inc. / Via

For those of you that don't know who Danny Pudi is, get to know him. When he's not starring as Abed Nadir, on Community, he's probably off telling jokes somewhere or giving tours of Marquette University. But in all seriousness, this Marquette alum definitely knows how to tell a joke or two.

7. When Trenni Kusnierek Brought The Midwest To Sochi


Trenni, currently a sports anchor for Comcast Sportsnet New England, has been a sports reporter for the MLB, the NFL, and the Big 10 Sports Network. She was also able to live her dream during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi as a member of the NBC curling announcing team.

8. When Nick D' Agosoto Traded In His Communication Degree For One In Health Sciences On Grey's Anatomy

Mitchell Haaseth / ABC / Via

Nick D' Agosto not only took on the lead role in Final Destination 5, but had recurring roles on NBC's Heroes, ABC's Grey's Anatomy and Fox's Gotham.

9. When Jim Murphy Helped Create Some Of Your Favorite Childhood Movies


After having Chris Farley as a roommate, this Marquette alum went on to help animate some very popular Pixar films. And just recently directed his very own short film titled "Lava," which plays right before Pixar's newest film, "Inside Out." There's a good chance you have seen some of Jim's work, whether it be on "A Bugs Life," "Cars," "Toy Story 2,""Monsters Inc.," "Finding Nemo," or "The Incredibles."

10. When Rondell Sheridan Gave Us All A Lesson In Parenting


Rondell Sheridan, also known as Victor Baxter on That's So Raven, is well known as the chef and owner of The Chill Grill. When he wasn't managing his restaurant on the hit TV series, he was taking care of his psychic daughter's shenanigans.

11. When Dwyane Wade Won 3 NBA Championships


This #MUBB alum lives to dream. As a former member of the Marquette men's basketball team, and a current member of the Miami Heat, he never ceases to amaze. He also displays his Marquette pride wherever he can, especially in his backyard.

12. When Gail Collins Became The First Woman Editor For The New York Times Editorial Page


From 2001-2007 Gail served as the New York Times Editorial Editor, and now writes a semi-weekly op-ed column for the Times published Thursdays and Saturdays.

13. When Chris Farley Made Us Laugh Until We Cried


Chris Farley, known for his roles on SNL and Tommy Boy, never ceased to put a smile on anyone's face. His witty personality, and his one-of-a-kind humor were apparent in all that he did. Just ask Chris Rock and David Spade.

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