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    Throw WAY Back Thursday: The Music And The Mob Of The Early 1900s

    Almost 100 years before Steve Jobs, there was the radio that kept people entertained and in touch with the outside world. Ragtime and jazz artists were the new "buzz bands," and the mob was trafficking an illegal substance called booze. It's rare to discover one, let alone three emerging artists that together echo the 1920's good 'ole piano ragtime, the firey red-headed Siren and the Prohibition mobster. If you're in the mood for some nostalgia with a completely modern-day spin, pour yourself a glass of Scotch and savor these three gems...

    Dessy Di Lauro - "Let Me Hear You Say Hep Hep" / Via Soundcloud

    The hip hop-infused "neo-ragtime" sound by Dessy Di Lauro will make you dance and say "Hep, hep!"

    Gracie Terzian - "Saints and Poets" / Via Soundcloud

    Gracie Terzian turns on the heat with this jazzy, swingin' single that's the title track off her Billboard-charting EP.

    Ten Ton Man - "Bone to Pick" / Via Soundcloud

    Don't mess with the guy in the bowler hat...Ten Ton Man has "A Bone to Pick" and it ain't gonna be pretty!